Monthly Archives: August 2013

  • Why I Think Jeff Bezos Really Cares About The Washington Post Brand

    I came of age in the Watergate era—a defining moment for my generation. My friends and I could not wait to see what would be in the paper each day, and we were especially keen on seeing what was in the Washington Post. Today, we hear of events moments after they happen – from the […]

  • Is N.J. a Bellwether in Privacy Debate?

    The New Jersey Supreme Court’s unanimous ruling in July that police must obtain warrants to access information on a crime suspect’s cellphone location puts the balance between protecting citizens’ safety and their privacy front and center. New Jersey is the first state to go that far in favor of privacy. Chief Justice Stuart Rabner wrote […]

  • Education is Having Its Internet Moment

    Everywhere I go, I meet educators and entrepreneurs inspired to create digital learning content and resources for people of all ages. Today, learners in the know are taking advantage of it in huge numbers. Khan Academy has produced 4,400 videos on topics such as math, science and history. More than six million people from all […]

  • The ‘Catch-22′ of Hiring in 2013

    Our July survey of top level executives shows that executives “intending to increase hiring” rose from 19% in October 2012 to 33% in July 2013; a 74% increase. Yet, while executives want to hire, they won’t without solid visibility into top line revenue increases driven by consumer spending. Without jobs, consumers can’t spend. It is […]