Monthly Archives: February 2014

  • Republican Congressman Dave Camp to Oil & Gas Industries: “No More Subsidies”

    Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp’s (R-Michigan) tax reform bill introduced on February 26th removed all subsidies for oil, gas, coal, renewables, and other energy technologies. So, what led to a conservative congressman killing subsidies for oil and gas? Some recent history: in 2011, the environmentalists Friends of the Earth and Public Citizen partnered with climate […]

  • Facebook Made Me Do It…

    I recently noticed a common theme in my app downloading, thanks to the trending Twitter hashtag #Homescreen2014, where people tweet screen grabs of their iPhone/smartphone, revealing the mix of apps they use most often. The images create a colorful peek into the lives (at least the digital ones) of people and their smartphones, and reveal […]

  • Celebrities To Jumpstart ACA Young Adult Enrollment With Laughs

    Looking back at this year’s Super Bowl, a survey revealed that about 78 percent of people polled said they were more excited about the ads than the actual matchup between the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks. For good reason. Advertisers spend millions of dollars for a few seconds of the coveted airtime, so they […]

  • With $19 Billion, Does WhatsApp Really Care About Culture?

    At $19 billion, Facebook’s purchase of WhatsApp is monumental. And at $19 billion, why would Jan Koum, who just sold his mobile messaging platform, care about meshing with the Facebook culture? While I don’t know him, I do know he does not have to care about meshing with the Facebook culture. But, the people who […]

  • Delays and the ACA

    Employers with 50 to 99 employees breathed a sigh of relief a couple of weeks ago when President Obama announced a second extension to the employer mandate deadline. Employers now have until 2016 before the mandate kicks in to provide health plans for their full-time employees that meet ACA standards. The President’s announcement marked the latest in […]

  • Remember, the more organized fashion you retreat in, the more chances for you to stay alive.

    Chilling warning from a Ukrainian police officer to his squad as they prepared to vacate Kiev Square, also called Maidan.

  • Amount Facebook paid to acquire Whatsapp, a cross-platform mobile messaging application

    $19 Billion

  • Twitter While You Work

    Social network at work. Influence friends at work. Then, make more money. Am I kidding?  In a word, “no.” Remember the edict from HR mandating you are forbidden to be on Facebook and Twitter at work.  Well, it turns out that thinking was wrong.  The HR computer police have been officially tamed.  Why? Four words: […]

  • ACA at the SOTU: By the Numbers

    A lot of numbers were thrown around during President Obama’s State of the Union address last month — number of veterans hired (400,000), number of schools poised to be connected to high speed broadband internet in the following year (15,000), number of autoworkers reemployed in a Detroit manufacturing firm (700). Perhaps the most talked about, […]

  • Power Over Employers in Finding a Job

    Let me start with this fact. By and large, companies reluctantly add new people. You know that and I know that. So, how do you convince a company to hire you? Or, if you are a manager, how do you get your company to agree that you need another person, or build out a team? […]