How To Choose An EAP


To alleviate a wide variety of issues, including the effects of workplace stress, financial concerns, and relationship problems, many employers offer services called Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs). Despite many employers offering them, however, EAPs are often not fully used by employees.

A recent article in the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) offers tips for employers looking to increase EAP participation. These include picking right the EAP for the size of their workforce and ensuring that EAP counselors have the right education and experience to meet employees’ needs. Quoted in the article, Mandi Conforti, senior consultant at Willis Towers Watson, noted in particular that employers should look for counselors who can properly assess employees needs. Said Conforti, “You need counselors who are clinically trained to do biopsychosocial evaluations, because many people contacting an EAP have more than one problem they are dealing with.”

Not surprisingly, the most effective EAPs are those that are customized to the needs of specific workforce. This is especially true when there are high rates of issues such as alcohol or substance abuse.

To read the article in Society For Human Resource Management (SHRM), click here.

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