Monthly Archives: September 2017

  • Improving the ACA: What’s On Employers’ Wish List

    The Affordable Care Act brought some significant changes to employer-sponsored healthcare, which employers factored into their long-term healthcare strategies. Revised plans were built to comply with the law’s many complex requirements, even though employers hoped for relief from the law’s more onerous provisions. Yet, despite the recent legislative drama and the promise of repeal and […]

  • To Crush or Congratulate Your Coworker?

    Think about your peers at work. You work, eat, drink, and play together. Now think about your peer having a huge victory at work. He or she gets the promotion – and you don’t. He or she makes the biggest sale, and you don’t. Do you want to congratulate them – or crush them? Is that peer your co-worker, […]

  • Should We Be Moving Towards Offering Free Telemedicine Consults?

    Should telemedicine consultations be given away for free? After all, at $40 a visit, remotely diagnosing and treating patients using technology could drastically lower healthcare costs by replacing a $1,200 emergency room visit for routine care. The cost difference is a compelling argument for free telemedicine. A 2014 analysis by Willis Towers Watson indicates that […]

  • 647 Employers Provide Healthcare Coverage for Transgender Employees

    According to the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index, the number of employers worldwide that “provide at least one transgender-inclusive healthcare coverage plan” rose from 49 in the 2009, to 278 in the 2013, and are now at 647 this year. There are names on the list one might expect by perceived progressive companies like Apple, Facebook, […]