About Us

Every once in a while, you run across someone who is changing the world.

Maybe she’s taking action to improve the opportunity to learn for all Americans by ensuring equitable access to learning technology.

Maybe he’s working to make genomic testing for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease readily available at prices everyone can afford.

Maybe he’s developing predictive technology that will enable virtual personal assistants to more closely mimic human intelligence.

Maybe she’s leading a national campaign to create awareness of the role of natural medicine in prevention and wellness.

Capital Content looks for great leaders who are driving solutions to the big problems of our time. We partner with them and their organizations on content and visibility strategies and manage communications campaigns that take their ideas to actions. Together, we strive for outcomes that produce economic growth and opportunity, improve the health and well-being, and lead to positive social change.

Capital Content evolved out of a 15-year collaboration between Susan Thomas and Rob Wyse, advisors to technology companies and private- and public-sector organizations leveraging technology to innovate. We focus on areas such as healthcare, education, energy, entrepreneurship and global markets. Our chief skills lie in developing issues-driven thought leadership and strategic communications campaigns. We leverage content and traditional and social media to create business and social value.

Are you changing the world? Let’s talk.

Issues we are addressing now include:

  • High cost of healthcare in America
  • Need for innovation in education through technology and research
  • Importance of lifelong learning for economic growth, global competitiveness and national security
  • Global warming as the defining problem of a generation
  • The power of precision medicine in preventing, diagnosing, and treating illness
  • Privacy as the civil liberty issue of our time
  • The role of the arts in social justice
  • How natural and conventional medicine can partner to solve America’s healthcare crisis
  • The impact of artificial intelligence on work and life
  • New ways to deliver health and protection benefits that empower people with choice and help them choose wisely
  • The impact of healthcare reform on employer-sponsored healthcare
  • Compliance and risk management in a borderless economic environment
  • Business growth strategies that affect capital market valuations

Technology innovations we have helped shape in our careers:

  • Virtualization and cloud computing as levers for lowing cost, improving security and reducing energy consumption in large datacenters
  • Web-based applications that speed deployment of mission-critical applications while providing flexibility and lower cost
  • Data management, data warehousing, business intelligence and analytics and their profound effect on managing organizational performance
  • Capital market technology platforms as a means of making private equity investing more accessible to individuals
  • Smart set-top boxes and their impact on the cable and satellite television industries
  • Ubiquitous high-speed broadband deployment in cities and its impact on business, education and economic development
  • New business models for the massive deployment of commercial solar rooftop systems
  • Legislation to uphold free conference calling

Clients we are partnering with:

Digital Promise

Congressionally authorized, non-partisan, nonprofit accelerating innovation in education through technology and research


A leading wellness company with industry’s first personal clinical engagement solution, lowering health care costs one person at a time

Institute of Natural Medicine

Philanthropic foundation focused on educating consumers about natural medicine and connecting them to licensed or certified naturopathic doctors in their area


AI company developing predictive technology for next-generation virtual personal assistants that enable them to more closely mimic human intelligence

Wamberg Genomic Advisors

Advisor delivering genomic products and services to employers and their employees via their trusted brokers and policyholders of life insurance

Willis Towers Watson

A leading global advisory, broking, and solutions company

Exchange Solutions

Pioneer and operator of the nation’s largest private Medicare health insurance exchange and provider of exchange solutions for active employees

Health & Benefits

Consultants to large employers on a broad range of employee health and other benefits strategies