• Top Ten OneExchange Blog Posts in 2016

    With the end of the year just around the corner, we are taking a moment to look back at the most popular posts on the OneExchange blog this year. Most-read topics included benefits administration, telemedicine, disease management programs, and types of benefits being offered, including student loan repayment, workplace perks such as snow days, and […]

  • Self-Insured Health Plan Cost Growing More Slowly Than Fully Insured

    There’s more good news for employers that have chosen to self-insure rather than fully insure their employee health insurance plan offerings. According to recent Willis Towers Watson data, the projected cost increases for self-insured plans for 2017 are just 4-5% instead of 7-8%, which is the rate at which costs for fully insured plans are […]

  • Securing a Million Dollar Salary in Tech

    If you secure a job in tech security, you may be securing your future — and could be on a road to a lucrative career. To see what’s driving the growth, look no further than the cyber attack on the U.S. early in October — or, the hacking into campaign emails. According to executive search […]

  • The Sick Leave Balancing Act

    In a twist on the famous lament of Kermit the Frog, it ain’t easy being an HR professional for a multi-state employer. Ok, so that isn’t as catchy as the original. But the reality is multi-state employers must address the varying state and local laws governing employee benefits and that can be complicated and time […]

  • Adoption Assistance Benefits On The Rise

    Health benefits are a big part of attracting and retaining talent and employers are always on the lookout for benefits offerings that are attractive to potential new hires and appealing to their existing workforce. One benefit that is gaining in popularity is adoption assistance. A recent article in Workforce reported that the hotel chain Hilton […]

  • Employers Move To Value-based Health Strategies

    According to a new survey from Willis Towers Watson, employers are increasing their efforts to achieve better health outcomes for their employees at a lower cost by implementing value-based reimbursement and payment arrangements with health insurers and providers. This finding comes from the 21st annual Best Practices in Health Care Employer Survey. The survey included […]

  • Willis Towers Watson Survey: Employers Taking Steps To Reduce Employee Cost of Health Care

    A recent survey from Willis Towers Watson revealed that over a third (37%) of U.S. employers are changing plan designs to reduce employee out-of-pocket costs at the point of service. The same percentage of employers (37%) are lowering premiums contributions for low-income workers. By 2018, the number of employers taking these steps is expected to […]

  • New Service Center Expands Tech and Customer Service for Exchange Solutions

    In August 2016, Willis Towers Watson opened a state-of-the-art technology hub and service center in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area city of Tempe, AZ. The center is filling over 400 positions to work on software development and customer service for clients across the country. The number of employees there will increase to 800 over time. […]

  • Preference For Cost Over Choice Highlights Need For Consumer Education

    Despite efforts to establish quality metrics for health care and empowering health care consumers to choose elements of their own coverage, recent findings still show that people shop primarily around cost. This is according to an analysis by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), covered in a recent article in the New […]

  • The 10 Worst States for Student Loan Debt: Is Your State on the List?

    A recent slideshow in Employee Benefit Advisor identified the top 10 worst states for student loan debt. As an employer, should you care whether any of the states in which you hire are on the list? Based on an article by Randy Abbott, a senior consultant for Willis Towers Watson, in Employee Benefit News (EBN) […]