Capital Ideas

  • Your Boss Can Make You Physically Sick

    And, it is more than your boss. It can be anyone who fills you with negativity. Last year, I was at a conference where Deepak Chopra was a keynote speaker. First, let me say I was skeptical I would learn anything at his presentation. Second, after he spoke, I learned everything. I learned why your boss, […]

  • Social Media, Social Good?

    A mutual friend of mine has gotten into the habit of posting pictures of himself doing good deeds on Facebook. Back in December, he took to the streets on Christmas Eve to deliver hot meals to a homeless encampment under the I-80 freeway. The act itself is irreproachable, but what of the images posted to […]

  • Imagine Being Left For Dead – And Other Auto-Corrections

    Auto-correction of deaf to dead spurring a conversation. Last week a spoof video (linked here) was released featuring cast members of the Broadway hit, “Spring Awakening.” It was tweeted, tumblred, featured in and and more by the theatre community and the show’s fans. In it, the word “deaf” is auto-corrected to “dead” in a text message. Full […]

  • Medicare-Ready at Age 26

    Back in 1998, MTV premiered the TV series “True Life,” which featured a wide variety of stories with titles like “True Life: My Parents are Clowns” and “True Life: I’m On Crystal Meth.” Despite the crazy premise — which you would expect would have flamed out by now like a gossipy reality TV comet — […]

  • Gawker’s Gaffe Makes it Hypocritical

    A news organization publishing a post that is not news is hypocritical. And that is Gawker’s gaffe. On Friday, Gawker pulled down a story “outing” Conde Naste’s CFO who tried to pay $2,500 for a night with a gay porn star. The editor-in-chief of Gawker, Max Read, defended it, writing on Twitter, “Given the chance Gawker […]

  • American Horror Story and Your Career

    The wildly popular FX show American Horror Story (AHS) recently got some flak for attempting to unite the separate universes of its four seasons. This resulted in a haphazard, after-the-fact feel that fans decried as evidence of the writers’ attempt to impose a coherent narrative that was never there. In addition to being a cautionary […]

  • Monica Lewinsky: Sex, Power, And A Waste of Time and Money

    Monica Lewinsky is moving on. Perhaps you remember first hand reading about her affair with President Bill Clinton. Watched his lie live on TV in 1998 when he said: “I Did Not Have Sexual Relations With That Woman.” Or perhaps you are younger and just read about it. Either way, it was a story about sex – […]

  • Jon Stewart: A Role Model Mentor

    We all know this, but Jon Stewart has helped create the platform and been the person who jumpstarted comedians’ careers. It is Stewart that is probably the Johnny Carson of this era. Carson launched careers of many icons of comedy including George Carlin, Joan Rivers, Flip Wilson, Jerry Seinfeld, Roseanne Barr, and Ellen DeGeneres. Carson was a […]

  • Hubris at Sony

    As we all know, Sony has cancelled the release of the movie, The Interview. In a highly connected world, we are no longer at six degrees of separation. We are one hack away from being dismantled, or one link away from the next person. The World Wide Web is a web of humanity… or inhumanity. Sony made an […]

  • “Ebola Fear” Spreading Faster Than Disease

    Ebola fever is catching. I’m not talking about the actual disease, but about the media frenzy around all things Ebola. Disseminating important information about the disease and its progress is important. But the media has turned Ebola into “the boogie man.” The sheer volume of stories alone give the impression that Ebola is everywhere and […]