Capital Ideas

  • Men: Sexual Assault’s On Us

    To get the word out on sexual assault, it is on us. But getting the word out is not so easy. Here are a few facts: One in five women in college are sexually assaulted. About 8 million people ended their cable TV subscriptions in Q2 2013, according to analysts at SNL Kagan. Twenty-four percent of 18-34 […]

  • Going Car-Less: The New Rite of Passage

    A former boss of mine, upon learning that I do not now nor have I ever owned a car, dispensed the following well-intentioned advice: “You need to own a car… I mean, you have to grow up someday.” For the record, let me state that I am 26 years old, earn a decent living doing […]

  • Secret Service Head Julia Pierson Resigns. Did She Have a Choice?

    First, I am not an expert on national security issues. But, having been in communications for decades, I have learned about the power of public sentiment and the power of saving face. I do not know if the White House break in was an anomaly, or if it was a symptom of a systemic problem. […]

  • Embracing End-of-Life Planning, Not The Myth of the “American Immortal”

    The “American Immortal” – the term sounds majestic, befitting of our high opinion of ourselves as Americans, culturally and politically, on the world stage. But the term actually has more basic origins and is meant to convey an entirely different message. Coined by Ezekiel Emanuel, an American bioethicist and Center for American Progress fellow, in […]

  • In Retrospect: Jeter Transcended Yankees, Baseball

    Let me first say, I have never liked the Yankees. And, I know I am not alone. If you are a baseball fan, from outside of New York, you might not like the Yankees either. The Yankees have more money than the other teams. They can try to go out and buy a championship year […]

  • A Counterbalance To Male Violence

    This summer I met six extraordinary high school students who overcame all odds to truly excel. Each won a college scholarship in the Scholarship Plus program founded by two incredible women: Soma Golden Behr; and my friend, Melanie Rosen Brooks. So, looking at my title of this post, what does the honoring of extraordinary high school students […]

  • Immediacy In A Dust Storm At Burning Man

    Just like the postal service (neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night), we play through snow and sleet and fog and rain… well, actually we are playing in the midst of a dust storm. But as the super fine dust particles whirl through the air, lodging themselves in our hair, eyes, the […]

  • NFL Takes Action On Domestic Violence, Ray Rice Cut

    On Friday, before the first weekend of NFL Football kicked off, I posted about the myriad of HR issues facing the league. At the center was the league suspending the Baltimore Ravens running back, Ray Rice for two games for beating his wife. Today, it was reported: “In a letter to NFL owners Thursday, the league announced that […]

  • Who’s More Important: Mark Zuckerberg or Rachelle Fudge?

    You’ve probably heard of Mark Zuckerberg. But you have probably never heard of Rachelle Fudge. Rachelle is a nurse in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in Colorado at the University of Colorado Health (hospital), Critical Care Medicine. I have never talked to Mark Zuckerberg. Yet, he has touched most of our lives through Facebook. While […]

  • Heard Gay-Bashing At Work, Did Nothing?

    I watched the Grammys earlier this year. I was incredibly moved by the mass marriage of 33 couples, some gay, some straight. Queen Latifah presided. The ceremony began with the song, “Same Love,” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. Here are some of the lyrics: “Gay is synonymous with the lesser It’s the same hate that’s caused […]