• Coming: A Society With No Jobs

    Flash forward years from now: Elon Musk noted that we are driving toward a jobless world in a CNBC interview early this month. For example, speaking of driving, why will UBER need drivers if we will have the self-driving car? Artificial intelligence (AI) will innovate many jobs out of existence. And, AI can even improve our lives. Right now, many of us may all think […]

  • Did Your College Offer A 15% Tuition Rebate?

    When you went to college, did tuition come with a 15% tuition rebate if you did not find a job within nine months after graduation? Now a law school is setting a precedent. Brooklyn Law School, as reported in The New York Times, will “repay 15 percent of total tuition costs to those who have not […]

  • Food Waste in America: $452 Million Per Day

    Fact: Every day, America wastes an average of $452 million in producing food that is never consumed. On Thanksgiving, chances are, food waste statistics will eclipse that average. In fact, $452 million wasted equates to $18.8 million per hour, $313,927 per minute, and $5,232 per second. But who’s counting? The problem is that few of […]

  • Gasoline is Cheap Temporarily, Energy Independence is Forever

    The price of gas is going up. I guarantee it. The price being below $3 per gallon is a temporary “feel good” blip. Ten years of data shows that fuel prices takes dips and always bounce back. If you drive an electric-powered Nissan Leaf, or a Tesla, you probably personally don’t care if gasoline sinks below $3 […]

  • Going Car-Less: The New Rite of Passage

    A former boss of mine, upon learning that I do not now nor have I ever owned a car, dispensed the following well-intentioned advice: “You need to own a car… I mean, you have to grow up someday.” For the record, let me state that I am 26 years old, earn a decent living doing […]

  • Where Are The Jobs?

    Last week, Maria Bartiromo interviewed me about employment and the 192,000 new jobs added in March in the U.S. In that interview, which you can see here, we discussed the ebbs and flows of executive hiring demand by industry which we track at Korn Ferry. It matters because executive hiring can be a leading indicator of overall hiring. […]

  • Chicken Little and the CBO Report

    Are the sky and the number of available jobs really falling? Not surprisingly, commentators on both sides of the aisle had a lot to say about the recently released report on the economy from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). While the report had some good news — for example, under current laws the federal deficit is projected […]

  • 1 in 5 Americans Don’t Use the Internet

    I’m sure it’s hard for members of LinkedIn reading this post to imagine that 1 in 5 Americans – about 60 million people – don’t use the Internet. Who are they? Why aren’t they online? What does it mean to the rest of us? The demographics of people who don’t use the Internet won’t surprise […]

  • Where The Green Jobs Will Be in 2014

    In the movie, “The Graduate,” Dustin Hoffman returned home from college and got one word of career advice: “Plastics.” That was 1967 – and 35 years later, words are “solar, buildings, and heavy trucks.” Maybe the hottest of the three is solar. Each sector and others add up to jobs. Luckily, a decade ago, maybe I was […]

  • Pittsburgh Renaissance: Opportunity For A Third

    In 1963, the mortgage rate was at about 6 percent and your banker knew you, your family, probably even your grandmother. What reminded me of 1963 and the interest rate at the time is a blog post by John G. Craig Jr., former editor of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. In it, Craig referenced “Portrait of a Region,” a four-volume […]