• The 100/100 Plan to Create the $10 Trillion New Economy

    We have a worldwide challenge to solve climate change. We need the equivalent of 100,000 companies to sell $100 million worth of climate change solutions by 2020. The result: a new $10 trillion economy. We have named this the “100-100 New Economy Plan.” The question: “Is this 100-100 New Economy Plan possible?” There is reason […]

  • Here’s Why China Isn’t Taking Over the IT World … Yet

    A July 9th article by Martin Wolf (not me), chief economics columnist for the Financial Times, London, was entitled: “Why China Will Not Buy The World.” While noting that China’s acquisitive ambitions often make the West nervous, Wolf concludes that the threat is overblown. That’s because the Chinese economy is built on collaborating with large […]

  • MSNBC: The Politics Of Power – Jigar Shah (Video) Chris Hayes Interviews Jigar Shah on Renewable Energy and Climate Change Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

  • The ‘Catch-22′ of Hiring in 2013

    Our July survey of top level executives shows that executives “intending to increase hiring” rose from 19% in October 2012 to 33% in July 2013; a 74% increase. Yet, while executives want to hire, they won’t without solid visibility into top line revenue increases driven by consumer spending. Without jobs, consumers can’t spend. It is […]

  • After Bernanke And Cook, Long-Term Job Growth Takes A Leap Of Faith

    On May 22, Ben Bernanke testified before Congress, and said, “What we are looking for is increased confidence that the labor market is improving and that that improvement is sustainable.” The day before, Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO answered questions on his company’s ability to maneuver in avoiding paying taxes by not repatriating money earned outside the U.S. Bernanke’s statement […]

  • The New Normal?: GDP and Housing Up, Job Growth Tamped Down

    With new homes sales steadily ticking up, and an improved annualized gross domestic product (GDP) growth rate, one would think that employment would improve vastly and be better than the 7.8 percent we have today. But, it is not, and don’t expect it to be in the near future – here is why.> Here’s a […]

  • It’s Still a Jobless Recovery

    March saw a U.S. job increase of 88,000 workers, according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics. That’s despite the DOW Industrial Average just posting its best first quarter since 1998, up 11.25 percent. Plus, according to the graph below from the U.S. Department of Commerce, housing starts are on the rise. Job growth is still anemic. […]

  • Housing Recovery Would Unlock Value In Market

    On Oct. 5, the day business icon Steve Jobs died, Apple was priced at $378.25. As of this writing, the stock hovers around $620. Clearly, Jobs created a company bigger than himself — one that is sustainable. Now, under the steady hand of Tim Cook, Job’s successor, Apple has not only grown, it has thrived. It is a […]

  • Consider Strategies That Mirror Personal Objectives

    So, you are in business in incredible Steelers Country. I am, too. We live and die with the Penguins, and have high hopes for the Pirates. We have incredible civic pride in having world-class educational institutions in Carnegie Mellon University, University of Pittsburgh and Robert Morris University. We are a hardworking community and have built nest eggs in […]

  • Obama Or Romney: Either Way, It’s Time To Call An Audible

    As I write this, President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts Gov.  Mitt Romney have finished delivering speeches at the same event. The speeches were funny, self-deprecating and complimentary of the other. While it seems impossible in the middle of a contentious political season, these speeches were at the Al Smith dinner. The annual dinner is a traditional stop […]