• Big Idea 2014: Let’s Close the Digital Learning Gap

    We are facing a digital learning gap in America – yet another divide between the haves and have nots. One that we must close as decisively and quickly as possible so the opportunity to learn in school and throughout life is open to everyone, not just a few. Few Americans would disagree that education is an urgent […]

  • Law School Never Taught Me To Be An Entrepreneur

    I am not an entrepreneur, not by my standards, or anyone else’s. I am a lawyer and lobbyist. Now I am Dean of a law school that has a reputation for innovation and training lawyers to work with startups, but I am still no entrepreneur. I did not “risk the farm” to start a business. […]

  • “Two Women:” The Folly of a Youth-Obsessed Culture

    After graduating from college, like many young people contemplating the vast expanse of uncharted territory that would be their futures, I was in the mood for adventure. So I headed off to Alaska’s Denali National Park for a summer job. I worked in the snack shop, serving up burgers and ice cream to hungry hikers. […]

  • Why Apple, Facebook And Google Should Hire Students From This Suburb Of Detroit

    I visited the Detroit area recently for a meeting of the Digital Promise League of Innovative Schools. Our host was Utica Community Schools, a district serving 28,600 students in Sterling Heights, Michigan. After visiting an elementary school and a high school, it hit me: Apple, Facebook and Google should hire students from Sterling Heights. Why […]

  • Technology Will Not Replace Teachers

    There, I said it. And with these words, I am jumping with both feet into a debate that has alternately raged and simmered since computers first began appearing in schools in the 1980s. The debate was reignited recently when Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), online courses designed for large-scale global participation, became one of the […]

  • Florida Must Step Up To Meet Scripps’ Commitment

    It is time for Florida to step up and leverage a great asset: Scripps. The fact that The Scripps Research Institute has yet to pay out for Florida is not new news. In 2003, Scripps promised to create 545 high-paying jobs by December 2013. At that time, our state’s economists estimated that Scripps would generate 50,000 high-paying […]

  • UN Day of the Girl: Think Globally, Act Locally

    Today, October 11, is the United Nations International Day of the Girl Child, a day of advocacy and action that aims to “recognize girls’ rights and the unique challenges girls face around the world.” The theme for this year is “Innovating for Girls’ Education.” Globally, 600 million adolescent girls struggle with limited access to education. Lack […]

  • Dean: Law Schools Use Merit Scholarships To Boost Rankings (Video)

    Law schools need to find ways to cut the expense of merit scholarships, which they “use to buy students…with high LSATs” to improve the schools’ U.S. News & World Report rankings, Brooklyn Law School Dean and Patton Boggs Partner Nicholas Allard tells Bloomberg Law’s Lee Pacchia. The money would be better spent on scholarships for […]

  • Why Leaders Matter

    When it comes to innovation in schools, much attention is paid to the crucial role of classroom teachers, and rightly so. But we should never underestimate the impact that education leaders can have on positive change. While everyone has a role to play in fostering innovation in learning through technology, the role of school superintendents […]

  • Change Must Come To The Business Of Legal Education

    On September 6th, a week after President Obama’s comment that “… law schools would probably be wise to think about being two years instead of three years,” we held a panel discussion at Brooklyn Law School to explore both the meaning and implications of this idea. President Obama’s comment was made during a tour of […]