• How To Choose An EAP

    To alleviate a wide variety of issues, including the effects of workplace stress, financial concerns, and relationship problems, many employers offer services called Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs). Despite many employers offering them, however, EAPs are often not fully used by employees. A recent article in the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) offers tips for […]

  • Biosimilars Not Analogous To Generics When It Comes To Drug Substitutions

    A recent article in Managed Healthcare Executive posed the question, “Are Payers Optimistic About Biosimilars’ Savings?” The answer, it seems, is a tentative “yes.” Biosimilars are lower cost version of expensive biologics. The first biosimilar approved by the FDA in the U.S. was Zarxio, a generic of Amgen’s Neupogen, back in March of 2015. This […]

  • Health Innovations Coming In 2017

    Employers are always looking for ways to deliver care that better meets the needs of their workforce at a lower cost. While there are finite ways of doing that, medical innovation is pushing back the barrier on what is possible in the health care space, to the benefit of all. Here are some of the […]

  • Top Ten OneExchange Blog Posts in 2016

    With the end of the year just around the corner, we are taking a moment to look back at the most popular posts on the OneExchange blog this year. Most-read topics included benefits administration, telemedicine, disease management programs, and types of benefits being offered, including student loan repayment, workplace perks such as snow days, and […]

  • Vermont Drug Prices Give Window Into High Cost Of Pharma Nationwide

    A recent headline in Politico Pulse pointed to a drug price transparency report from the state of Vermont that identified 10 prescription drugs that are “eating up state spending.” The top three drugs, Abilify, Lantus, and Humira, saw growth in wholesale acquisition costs over five years of 55%, 90%, and 114% respectively. The report noted […]

  • Self-Insured Health Plan Cost Growing More Slowly Than Fully Insured

    There’s more good news for employers that have chosen to self-insure rather than fully insure their employee health insurance plan offerings. According to recent Willis Towers Watson data, the projected cost increases for self-insured plans for 2017 are just 4-5% instead of 7-8%, which is the rate at which costs for fully insured plans are […]

  • EEOC Limits Incentives, Yet Wellness Programs Still Proliferate

    Incentives are a popular way to get employees to engage with wellness programs. But the carrots and sticks employers can use in wellness programs have changed recently, thanks to final rulings from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) on wellness program incentives. A recent article in Financial Advisor explored the evolution of wellness programs in […]

  • Employers Step Up Efforts To Manage High Cost of Prescription Drugs

    Employers are increasing their focus on managing prescription drug spending, especially high-cost specialty medications used to treat chronic illnesses. This finding comes from the 21st annual Willis Towers Watson Best Practices in Health Care Employer Survey, which surveyed 600 U.S. employers about their health program decisions and strategies. “High price tags for specialty drugs are […]

  • Telemedicine Benefit Remains Underutilized

    As the open enrollment period for employer-sponsored insurance approaches, there is one benefit that employers hope employees will take more advantage of: telemedicine. Of the estimated 1.2 billion outpatient visits last year, just 1 million were conducted using telemedicine, according to Willis Towers Watson data. Why haven’t employees flocked to telemedicine? According to a recent […]

  • The Sick Leave Balancing Act

    In a twist on the famous lament of Kermit the Frog, it ain’t easy being an HR professional for a multi-state employer. Ok, so that isn’t as catchy as the original. But the reality is multi-state employers must address the varying state and local laws governing employee benefits and that can be complicated and time […]