• Improving the ACA: What’s On Employers’ Wish List

    The Affordable Care Act brought some significant changes to employer-sponsored healthcare, which employers factored into their long-term healthcare strategies. Revised plans were built to comply with the law’s many complex requirements, even though employers hoped for relief from the law’s more onerous provisions. Yet, despite the recent legislative drama and the promise of repeal and […]

  • Should We Be Moving Towards Offering Free Telemedicine Consults?

    Should telemedicine consultations be given away for free? After all, at $40 a visit, remotely diagnosing and treating patients using technology could drastically lower healthcare costs by replacing a $1,200 emergency room visit for routine care. The cost difference is a compelling argument for free telemedicine. A 2014 analysis by Willis Towers Watson indicates that […]

  • 647 Employers Provide Healthcare Coverage for Transgender Employees

    According to the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index, the number of employers worldwide that “provide at least one transgender-inclusive healthcare coverage plan” rose from 49 in the 2009, to 278 in the 2013, and are now at 647 this year. There are names on the list one might expect by perceived progressive companies like Apple, Facebook, […]

  • ACA Repeal Could Threaten Employee Mobility

    Though the future of the Affordable Care Act is unclear, there is one thing about the health reform law that is clear: Having access to affordable healthcare coverage that cannot be denied because of pre-existing conditions enables a more mobile and flexible workforce. A number of aspects of the ACA have opened up more possibilities […]

  • Naturopathic Medicine Empowers Mountain Biker in Race to Beat Breast Cancer

    A 44-year-old cyclist, CEO, and mother of twin toddler girls, Phoenix, AZ native Victoria Cramer fought and beat the most aggressive form of breast cancer. She also ran a half-marathon, completed an 18-mile mountain-bike race, and hit a personal record (PR) in a 24-hour bike competition–all in the midst of 16 grueling months of chemotherapy treatments. She […]

  • From Hospice to Good Health

    Six years ago, conventional medical doctors sent me home with a prescription for hospice care. They told me I had three weeks to live. But thanks to a non-toxic naturopathic medical treatment, I am still here today, and healthier than ever. How I did go from hospice to good health? Here is my story. When […]

  • Why Benefits Shouldn’t Be Based On Generational Labels

    Segmenting your employee population and creating profiles for each segment can be useful when designing benefits strategies. But relying too much on generational labels such as baby boomer, Generation X or millennial can be counterproductive. In addition to understanding how generations differ broadly from one another, it’s also important to understand commonalities. The 2016 Willis […]

  • I’m a Dietitian Who Lost 60 Pounds In 6 Months

    I was the heavy girl in high school. But I told myself I was academic, voted “Class Clown,” had lots of friends, and was happy no matter what size I was. Truthfully, I was a teenager out of touch with herself. Then in my senior year, I decided that before I went to college and […]

  • Why HR Leaders Need to ‘Walk the Walk’ Before Adopting Health Apps

    HR and benefits leaders charged with balancing employee needs with organizational goals often find themselves asking employees to take more responsibility for their day-to-day health and well-being. For example, employees with chronic health conditions are identified and encouraged to seek treatment and adhere to doctors’ orders such as taking prescribed medicines and making — and […]

  • How To Choose An EAP

    To alleviate a wide variety of issues, including the effects of workplace stress, financial concerns, and relationship problems, many employers offer services called Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs). Despite many employers offering them, however, EAPs are often not fully used by employees. A recent article in the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) offers tips for […]