• 1 in 5 Americans Don’t Use the Internet

    I’m sure it’s hard for members of LinkedIn reading this post to imagine that 1 in 5 Americans – about 60 million people – don’t use the Internet. Who are they? Why aren’t they online? What does it mean to the rest of us? The demographics of people who don’t use the Internet won’t surprise […]

  • Why I Do Not Attend CES

    Breakthrough energy solutions are not the same as breakthrough innovations in electronics. So, I don’t go the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Still, as a person committed to deploying energy solutions that save people money and stave off the worst impacts of climate change – some exciting innovations in energy at CES 2014 caught my eye. […]

  • Big Idea 2014: Let’s Close the Digital Learning Gap

    We are facing a digital learning gap in America – yet another divide between the haves and have nots. One that we must close as decisively and quickly as possible so the opportunity to learn in school and throughout life is open to everyone, not just a few. Few Americans would disagree that education is an urgent […]

  • Snapchat’s $3 Billion Spurning of Facebook – A Question of Culture

    This week’s big tech news was that Snapchat turned down an all cash offer of $3 billion from Facebook according to The Wall Street Journal. First of all, to most reading this, let me ask the ultimate rhetorical question: “Who would turn down $3 billion?” My answer is most likely, no one. Regardless, let’s look at […]

  • Why BlackBerry Is No Burberry

    Research in Motion (RIM) officially changed its corporate name to BlackBerry on January 30, 2013. Having struggled for years, by August BlackBerry (BBRY) was limping along. The company announced that it had cut 100 jobs in Waterloo, Ontario. Spokesperson Rebecca Freiburger said it was “another step forward to scale our company correctly for new opportunities in mobile […]

  • People Love the Idea of Health And Wellness Mobile Apps… But We’re Not Actually Using Them Yet

    With the amount of money being spent on health care in America — and our general enthusiasm for all things mobile — you’d think there would be a huge and successful market for mobile apps that empower consumers to take control of their health and wellness. But according to a report by the IMS Institute […]

  • Why Apple, Facebook And Google Should Hire Students From This Suburb Of Detroit

    I visited the Detroit area recently for a meeting of the Digital Promise League of Innovative Schools. Our host was Utica Community Schools, a district serving 28,600 students in Sterling Heights, Michigan. After visiting an elementary school and a high school, it hit me: Apple, Facebook and Google should hire students from Sterling Heights. Why […]

  • India’s IT Firms Face Challenges: China Is Not One Of Them

    To remain competitive globally over the long haul, Indian IT companies must enhance efforts to expand their geographic footprint and move up the value chain. Chinese IT services firms will one day pose a threat to the Indian IT services industry in its quest to keep and grow customers in North American and Europe. That […]

  • Technology Will Not Replace Teachers

    There, I said it. And with these words, I am jumping with both feet into a debate that has alternately raged and simmered since computers first began appearing in schools in the 1980s. The debate was reignited recently when Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), online courses designed for large-scale global participation, became one of the […]

  • Bill Gates Never Ran An Energy Company

    Last year, Bill Gates noted in an interview with Alan Murray of the Wall Street Journal that technologies like solar photovoltaics and LED lights were “cute” but could never deal with the bigger issue of climate change and powering the developing world. And, this week, writer Marc Gunther wrote in his post that “Germany, once the world’s leading […]