• Getting Opioid Addicts Back to Work

    “I won in New Hampshire because New Hampshire is a drug-infested den,” President Trump told Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto in a January phone call. The state of Ohio is suing five major drug companies for fueling the opioid epidemic. The Ohio suit may have been one reason that Chip Cutter, LinkedIn editor, traveled to the Midwest, the heartland of […]

  • To Crush or Congratulate Your Coworker?

    Think about your peers at work. You work, eat, drink, and play together. Now think about your peer having a huge victory at work. He or she gets the promotion – and you don’t. He or she makes the biggest sale, and you don’t. Do you want to congratulate them – or crush them? Is that peer your co-worker, […]

  • 647 Employers Provide Healthcare Coverage for Transgender Employees

    According to the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index, the number of employers worldwide that “provide at least one transgender-inclusive healthcare coverage plan” rose from 49 in the 2009, to 278 in the 2013, and are now at 647 this year. There are names on the list one might expect by perceived progressive companies like Apple, Facebook, […]

  • Why HR Leaders Need to ‘Walk the Walk’ Before Adopting Health Apps

    HR and benefits leaders charged with balancing employee needs with organizational goals often find themselves asking employees to take more responsibility for their day-to-day health and well-being. For example, employees with chronic health conditions are identified and encouraged to seek treatment and adhere to doctors’ orders such as taking prescribed medicines and making — and […]

  • Top Ten OneExchange Blog Posts in 2016

    With the end of the year just around the corner, we are taking a moment to look back at the most popular posts on the OneExchange blog this year. Most-read topics included benefits administration, telemedicine, disease management programs, and types of benefits being offered, including student loan repayment, workplace perks such as snow days, and […]

  • Fired? Your Employment Record Will Be Yours – Not Your Former Employer

    Imagine that you are fired or quit. Left behind is your employment record. Who owns it? You, or your employer? For that matter, who owns all your data? The reality is that you do not own your data today.  It is probably controlled by Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Amazon and others. After all, if you buy a shirt, […]

  • EEOC Limits Incentives, Yet Wellness Programs Still Proliferate

    Incentives are a popular way to get employees to engage with wellness programs. But the carrots and sticks employers can use in wellness programs have changed recently, thanks to final rulings from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) on wellness program incentives. A recent article in Financial Advisor explored the evolution of wellness programs in […]

  • Coming: A Society With No Jobs

    Flash forward years from now: Elon Musk noted that we are driving toward a jobless world in a CNBC interview early this month. For example, speaking of driving, why will UBER need drivers if we will have the self-driving car? Artificial intelligence (AI) will innovate many jobs out of existence. And, AI can even improve our lives. Right now, many of us may all think […]

  • Securing a Million Dollar Salary in Tech

    If you secure a job in tech security, you may be securing your future — and could be on a road to a lucrative career. To see what’s driving the growth, look no further than the cyber attack on the U.S. early in October — or, the hacking into campaign emails. According to executive search […]

  • Your Boss Can Make You Physically Sick

    And, it is more than your boss. It can be anyone who fills you with negativity. Last year, I was at a conference where Deepak Chopra was a keynote speaker. First, let me say I was skeptical I would learn anything at his presentation. Second, after he spoke, I learned everything. I learned why your boss, […]