• 10 Questions Employers Should be Ready to Answer During Open Enrollment

    Willis Towers Watson this week released a list of the top 10 questions employees should ask their employers about 2017 plan offerings before selecting new plans or renewing existing ones. The questions are based the results of our 21st annual Best Practices in Health Care Employer Survey, which quizzed employers on their expected cost increases […]

  • Private Exchange Adoption Continues To Grow

    Employers are increasingly turning to private exchanges for their full-time employees, as evidenced by the recent announcement by Starbucks about making the switch. While large employers have been slower to adopt private exchanges than small- to medium-size employers, according to Craig Jannino, group exchange leader for Willis Towers Watson, this has more to do the […]

  • Parental Leave a Key Attraction and Retention Tool For Employers

    In the wake of big tech companies such as Netflix and Facebook making headlines for expanding their parental leave offerings, other companies are looking to stay competitive in the war for talent by adding these benefits to their own benefit packages. According to a Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) survey, covered in a recent article for […]

  • Employers and Employees Disagree on Top Sources of Workplace Stress

    New data from a recent Willis Towers Watson survey of U.S. employers showed that 75 percent ranked stress as their number one employee health and productivity concern. However, a comparison of the views of employers and employees based on the employer survey and a concurrent survey of U.S. employees revealed a significant disconnect on what […]

  • Rethinking PTO: Considerations for Employers Implementing PTO Banks

    Most employers recognize the importance of paid time off (PTO) as a means for employees to recharge and return to work refreshed. In fact, research shows that employees who take time off are more productive than those who stay at work and do not use their PTO. But do traditional PTO plan designs and administration […]

  • Employers Are Expanding Wellness Programs To Include Financial Health

    The 2015/2016 Willis Towers Watson Staying@Work Survey of U.S. employers found that a growing number of employers have adopted a broader view of workforce health that includes physical, mental, emotional and financial health. At the same time, findings from a concurrent survey of more than 5,000 U.S. employers, the 2015/16 Willis Towers Watson Global Benefit […]

  • Telemedicine Kiosks Bring The Doctor To The Workplace

    A recent article in Kaiser Health News chronicled the rise of telemedicine and the convenience and access it gives to employees who might otherwise miss work for doctor’s appointments or to visit urgent care clinics. Telemedicine kiosks enable doctors to take blood pressure and perform other basic functions remotely. Employers are increasingly embracing the kiosks […]

  • Employee Well-being in the Workplace A Priority For Employers In Coming Years

    Employers are increasingly concerned with ensuring their employees are healthy and productive in the workplace. According to new survey data from Willis Towers Watson, 64 percent of U.S. employers said that developing a workplace culture supporting employee well-being is a primary strategy to boost health engagement. In layman’s terms, employers believe that employee happiness with […]

  • Gig Me A Break

    The fundamental lie propagated by elementary schools everywhere: You will grow up to be a [fill in the blank]: Firefighter Nurse Teacher Astronaut Career Day perpetuates the lie, parading a series of parents before impressionable elementary school students, presenting them as doctors, lawyers, accountants and so on. Even the most banal or uninteresting profession–and let’s […]

  • Employers Offering Student Loan Repayment As New Benefit

    In a bylined article for Employee Benefit News (EBN), Randall Abbott, senior consultant for Willis Towers Watson, recalled a time when students could stitch together part-time job, work-study programs and help from parents to graduate from college debt-free. That was, in fact, his own experience when he graduated from college. But according to Abbott, with […]