• 3.6 

    Degrees Fahrenheit defined as threshold to stay under for global warming, which the world is on pace to exceed by the end of the century

  • 2,000

    Number of links a fact checking org says they have marked as “fake news” on Facebook, as the company struggles to address the issue

  • $300,000 to $500,000

    Salary A.I. specialists can be paid by Silicon Valley tech companies looking to get ahead in the growing field

  • 73,000

    Number of square acres burnt since Sunday in Northern California wildfires sweeping eight California counties

  • 14 million

    Number of Americans who would lose health insurance immediately under the GOP’s ACA replacement bill

  • 7

    Number of Earth-like potentially habitable planets discovered orbiting a star just light 39 years away from our Sun

  • 11.5 million

    Number of Americans who enrolled in the exchanges nationwide, about 290,000 more than the same time last year

  • 91, 404, 322 Miles

    Distance between the Earth and the Sun on January 4th, the closest in our orbit or 3 million miles closer than the farthest point in our orbit

  • 5837  

    Number of people who received a new Ebola vaccine during clinical trials. Of those, zero contracted the virus, causing the WHO to declare it a success.

  • 670,000

    Number of visitors to website on Thursday, December 16th, the busiest day in the site’s history